Prior Art Search

Patent application submission and application examination requests require heavy expenses. Thus it is essential to assess the need of application submission and examination request of an invention beforehand. We search prior art in the relevant field up to the moment and give advice to determine whether or not to request an examination or process an application.

Invalidity Search

Grant of patents does not guarantee validity, since there is undeniable possibility of patent invalidity evidence. We conduct search on patent documents as well as domestic and international literature to discover unpatentability proofs of granted patents.

Clearance Search

Non-infringement on the intellectual property rights of others must be confirmed before the release of a new product. Infringement consequences can range from compensation to injunction against the sale of a product dependent on the degree of violation. In order to avoid such situations, we provide information to grasp current conditions of relevant patents, utility models and patent applications, as well as advice for taking measures against infringement.

Technology Trends Search

Needless to say that during development of new technologies and products, investigation of relevant technology is of great significance for current development assessment and future directional evaluation. We collect patent applications, publications and registered patents related to target technical field, investigate/analyze technology, reexamine products and technology in development and provide directional information on future technology development.

Patent Mapping

The necessity of investigation into target technology market trends has been vital during the launch of new development projects or the refinement process of certain development. We draw patent maps made from particular patent collections in target technical fields to provide comprehensive analysis of recent market shifts, assessment to competitors' market trends and technical maturity evaluation; therefore we can present prospect and validity of a launch. We prepare application strategies that are able to construct strong patent portfolio, thus products with market advantages would be manufactured. In addition, we advise on potential alliance cooperates, universities and research institutions to promote commercial efficiency.

Publication Service

Kouchigijyutsu (Issuance of Official Notice) is published as a periodical on the 1st, the 11th, and the 21st of each month. This publication is then delivered to the National Diet Library in order to provide easy access to evidence of technology known to the public.

[Additional Service] Patent Translation

Domestic and foreign patent research has become indispensable during the global development of new products and technologies. By translating the research results of patent research, we provide reports that are more clear and can be used as discussion material immediately.

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