Physical Security

We particularly pay attention to the security for protecting the valuable technical information of our customers.
Company entrance is locked at all times, the analysis room is secured by an auto-lock system for preventing intrusion from strangers, in addition, we manage all the records of any visitor in the elevator hall acquired by a surveillance camera.


Management Regulations of Business Secret is established and we make efforts for preventing the leakage of confidential information.
Employees have a confidentiality obligation according to the Work Regulations, besides, the submission of Confidentiality Agreement to the company is also required.

ISO/IEC27001  Certification

AZTEC has achieved ISO 27001 certification of Information Security Management System (ISMS). The purpose of this certification is to establish a management system of security controls.

Relevant Sstandard ISO/IEC 27001:2013
JIS Q 27001:2014
Registration Number IS 586801
Organisation Name AZTEC Corporation
Business Contents Search and analysis of patent and non-patent literature
Registration Date October 15, 2012
Expiration Date October 14, 2021
Applied Range The entire company
Basic policies of information security
First Edition: May 1, 2012

 We take a position of regarding the intellectual property of customers to meet the high demand from customers for information security. To build appropriate trust we take information security as the key management task and all the staff will make their efforts for achieving this task.
 From the above point of view, based on the principle that our information property must be treated seriously and protected from leaking and tampering regardless of negligence or intention, this policy is developed, executed and promoted.

Basic Principles:

  1. Information that we must protect
    • Confidential information about customers (companies and organizations)
    • Our know-how and business manual

  2. Problems that we recognized
    • Information leakage due to unauthorized access
    • Information leakage by physical means by outsiders
    • Information leakage by intention or Negligence due to employee
    • Moreover, among the problems about information security during our business, the one has solution with expectable cost-effectiveness.

  3. Policies
    • Based on the “ISMS Manual” established separately we take appropriate action against information security and pay attention to information treatment.
    • The police that we carried out to provide trust to customers should not conflict with our business performance
    • Create an environment in which employee feel difficult to perform a betrayal
    • Comply with the laws, regulations and the contract with customers

  4. Education
    • Necessary education is carried out to implement the measures that can improve awareness of employee.

  5. Improvement
    • Inspection and revision of information security are carried out regularly, and we make every endeavor to continuously improve the information security.

President: Shoji OGURA