AZTEC is an independent company specializing in patent search and technology analysis. All search is conducted by professional researchers including patent attorneys. Our company endeavors to improve our search abilities by participating in external and internal training workshop on a regular basis. One of our highly praised achievements is having several of our searchers emerge as prize-winners of Patent Information Retrieval Contest held by the National Center for Industrial Property Information and Training (INPIT).


 Most of our searchers are post-graduates in science and engineering, and they are from various education backgrounds such as mechanics, electronics, telecommunications, biology, chemistry, etc. We can provide thorough analyses and detailed results in any field regarding your search requests. We are also able to work in a team to provide multi-perspective analyses.

Overseas correspondence

In recent years, the number of patent applications from domestic to oversea countries is gradually growing, and the global intellectual property competition has been intensifying. AZTEC has many expatriate searchers with great experience and profound knowledge of patent system from many countries. Especially our Chinese patent search has been highly praised along with achievements in search of emerging countries. We believe that our full support can help you to expand your company's overseas operation.

Searchers' interview

We would like to introduce several of our best searchers.

Chief Analyst Miyuki NAGAOKA

    We interviewed Ms. Nagaoka, now a respected Chief Analyst, about the charm of AZTEC.

  • What do you think about AZTEC? Would you like to tell us about the corporate culture here?
    AZTEC has a very homelike atmosphere where the company's president allows us to voice our opinion freely to him. Of course when you encounter a problem and need advice, you won't feel reluctant to ask around.

  • What kind of challenge in this field make you intrigued?
    Patent search is just as challenging as treasure hunt yet interesting and fun, it is really rewarding especially when you found the publications that you are looking for. The process of building up search formule for your search is as interesting as building up puzzles to me. The stage where you do research for pre-production will bring you satisfication of contributing our society when you have helped in creating a product. The feeling of being involved in an invention of a brand new technology is irrefutable. At the end of the day, the taste of beer after all hard work is the best ever!

  • Tell us about the hardship and the toughest time that you have been through.
    When I first joined the company, I had a hard time understanding law and the relation of it to the work that I was doing. Furthermore, I had to study some technology beyond my field from zero. Patent search in general has no 100% right or wrong answer, that is why I think patience and endurance are needed in this job. Recently, I have been trying to construct our mentoring system to educate other searchers.

  • How would you like AZTEC to become in the future?
    I would like to gain ultimate trust from our customers! In order to do that I want each one of us to polish-up their skills and abilities.
2017 Patent Search Grand Prix
    [Team Competition]
  • Second Place: AZTEC 2
    [Individual Competition]
  • SILVER Certification: 6
2016 Patent Search Grand Prix
    [Individual Competition]
  • SILVER Certification: 2
  • BRONZE Certification: 3
2015 Patent Search Grand Prix
    [International Section]
  • Representation from Japan: 1
    [Individual Competition]
  • BRONZE Certification: 4
2014 Patent Information Retrieval Contest
    [Team Competition]
  • Third Place: AZTEC 1
    [Individual Competition]
  • BRONZE Certification: 2
  • BRONZE Certification: 1
2013 Patent Information Retrieval Contest
    [Team Competition]
  • First Place: AZTEC 1
  • Second Place: AZTEC 2
    [Individual Competition]
  • GOLD Certification: Kenichi SHIZUNO (Patent Attorney)
  • GOLD Certification: Tomoyuki SUZUKI
  • SILVER Certification: 1
  • BRONZE Certification: 1
2012 Patent Information Retrieval Contest
  • Second Place
  • Excellent Prize
2011Patent Information Retrieval Contest
  • First Place
  • Second Place
2009 Patent Information Retrieval Contest
  • Second Place