Working Environment Procedural Guideline
To create a working environment that enables employees to handle work and childcare at the same time.
  1. Maternity leave
  2. Flexible time
  3. Shorter working hour
  4. Work-from-home system (vein authentication protocal appliance)
  5. Re-employment system after childbirth/maternity resignment
Work-life-balance for employees with children

-AZTEC Working Environment Procedural Guideline was published in TOKYO METROPOLITAN GOVERNMENT magazine "CIAO"
-AZTEC was selected on the article: Ideal-companies Adopting Telework 2015, published by Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare as one of proper organizations.
-AZTEC appeared in Report: Office for Work-Life Balance 2016 published by Gender Equality Bureau, Cabinet Office, Government Of Japan.

Green management Guideline
Environment Policy
  1. Fundamental Principal
  2.  AZTEC Corporation aims to be a company that recognizes its social responsibility and commitment to environmental issues, and generously contribute to the society.
  3. Procedural Guideline
    • Strongly promoting "Energy conservation, Resource conservation" in our business activities.
    • Working hard in educating all employees about environment policy, environmental management and development.
Environmental Management System    environmental Management System

Environmental activities/Procedural plan
  1. Energy conservation
    Reduction of power consumption (Lights-out system in lunch time, lights-out for meeting rooms not in use)
  2. Resource conservation
    Reduce of copy paper (Double screen display for pc to reduce print outs)
  3. Waste reduction/Recylce Encouragement
    Waste disposal segregation
Related Environmental Laws (Apply to Japan only)
  • Basic Environment Law
  • Energy Conservation Act
  • Waste Disposal Act
  • Recycling of Containers and Packaging Law
  • Procurement of Eco-Friendly Goods and Services Law
Health-promoting Guideline
Provide Health-promotion programs to encourage the health and well-being of our employees
  1. Influenza vaccination
  2. Rubella vaccination
  3. Sports: Marathon
    • TOKYO marathon
    • Marathon Festa in AJINOMOTO stadium
    • SAKURA ASAHI KENKO marathon
    • SHIROI pear marathon
    • CHIBA marine marathon
    • TOMISATO Watermelon marathon