Working Environment Procedural Guideline
To create a working environment that enables employees to handle work and childcare at the same time.
  1. Maternity leave
  2. Flexible time
  3. Shorter working hour
  4. Work-from-home system (vein authentication protocal appliance)
  5. Re-employment system after childbirth/maternity resignment
Work-life-balance for employees with children

-AZTEC Working Environment Procedural Guideline was published in TOKYO METROPOLITAN GOVERNMENT magazine.
-AZTEC was selected on the article: Ideal-companies Adopting Telework 2015, published by Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare as one of proper organizations.
-AZTEC appeared in Report: Office for Work-Life Balance 2016 published by Gender Equality Bureau, Cabinet Office, Government Of Japan.
-AZTEC has been introduced in the report released by the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications as one of the sucessful companies implementing teleworking system. (Japanese language only)

Green management Guideline
Environment Policy
  1. Fundamental Principal
  2.  AZTEC Corporation aims to be a company that recognizes its social responsibility and commitment to environmental issues, and generously contribute to the society.
  3. Procedural Guideline
    • Strongly promoting "Energy conservation, Resource conservation" in our business activities.
    • Working hard in educating all employees about environment policy, environmental management and development.
Environmental Management System    environmental Management System

Environmental activities/Procedural plan
  1. Energy conservation
    Reduction of power consumption (Lights-out system in lunch time, lights-out for meeting rooms not in use)
  2. Resource conservation
    Reduce of copy paper (Double screen display for pc to reduce print outs)
  3. Waste reduction/Recylce Encouragement
    Waste disposal segregation
Related Environmental Laws (Apply to Japan only)
  • Basic Environment Law
  • Energy Conservation Act
  • Waste Disposal Act
  • Recycling of Containers and Packaging Law
  • Procurement of Eco-Friendly Goods and Services Law
Health-promoting Guideline
Provide Health-promotion programs to encourage the health and well-being of our employees
  1. Influenza vaccination
  2. Rubella vaccination
  3. Sports: Marathon
    • TOKYO marathon
    • Marathon Festa in AJINOMOTO stadium
    • SAKURA ASAHI KENKO marathon
    • SHIROI pear marathon
    • CHIBA marine marathon
    • TOMISATO Watermelon marathon